Unetbootin для ubuntu

UNetbootin : Create bootable Live USB drives for Windows and MacOS

Unetbootin для ubuntu

UNetbootin (short for “Universal Netboot Installer”) is software that allows you to easily create bootable USB flash drives to install or use operating systems. This software is designed to be cross-platform and works with Windows, as well as Mac and Linux operating systems.

Unetbootin | Windows Unetbootin | MacOS Unetbootin | Linux

While the primary application of this open-source software is to make a bootable USB drive, UNetbootin can also be used with any kind of USB storage device, such as external hard drives.

UNetbootin doesn’t erase any files as it doesn’t have the ability to format your USB flash drives or external hard drive devices. The key appeal of UNetbootin is that is the simplest choice of software for applications that might seem daunting to beginners.

What can I use UNetbootin for?

With CDs and CD-ROM drives continuing to disappear from everyday life, quickly installing an operating system from a USB drive is without doubt the easiest approach.

However, it’s also possible to house a completely functional operating system on a USB drive the Live-CD principle.

The Live-CD is a complete operating system that can be run without prior installation from a CD/DVD. Simply insert your Live-CD, reboot your computer and the operating system installed on it will launch automatically.

You can run everything on it and the best thing is that there is no risk to the original operating system installed on your computer as no data will be deleted.

With the conventional CD-ROM in serious danger of disappearing altogether, a viable workaround had to be found very quickly. It is USB drives we have had to look toward to facilitate advances in the right direction.

In April 2017, Geza Kovacs proposed the concept of UNetbootin. It quickly became a must-have solution for computer technicians and Linux users everywhere. However, we should consider that it will allow for the installation of commercial operating systems (including Windows, among others) which is effectively illegal, provided the user hasn’t paid for their own license.

Thus, UNetbootin makes it possible to create genuine toolkits by having a full range of functional operating systems (to attempt a software repair attempt without loss of data) or systems ready to be installed. Gone is the age of the CD. Now, everything is facilitated by small USB drives that are offering increasing amounts of storage space.

Indeed, it’s fair to say that UNetbootin allows you to install a cracked freeware version of Windows.

Discovering dozens of operating systems

Other than its simplicity, one of the greatest joys of using UNetbootin is that it allows you to “automatically” install a bootable drive with a fully functional Linux system, once known as the go-to Live-CDs of their time.

As such, you will have a great variety of potential Linux release versions to choose from, which UNetbootin will download for you. The integrated support for Linux versions is impressive. The full list includes:

UbuntuKubuntuXubuntuLubuntuDebianopenSUSEArch LinuxDamn Small Linux


Linux MintZenwalkSlaxEliveCentOSFreeBSDNetBSD3CX


PCLinuxOSSabayon LinuxGentooMEPISLinuxConsoleFrugalware LinuxxPUD

Puppy Linux

For computer specialists and those seeking a troubleshooting solution, UNetbootin allows you to load the best repair system utilities, including:

Parted MagicSystemRescueCDSuper Grub Disk

Dr.Web Antivirus

F-Secure Rescue CDKaspersky Rescue DiskBacktrack


NTPasswdGujinSmart Boot Manager


Note that some computer troubleshooting software still utilises CDs, while UNetbootin opts for a simpler approach with the use of a USB drive. The only drawback of a USB drive is that you can’t install multiple systems.

As such, you’ll need to create a small collection of bootable USB drives in order to ensure you’re set for any eventuality.

How to install UNetbootin

Installing UNetbootin couldn’t simpler. Simply download UNetbootin from our site and then open the download folder and launch the installer. Once that’s taken care of, you can then access the software. You’ll quickly notice how user-friendly it is as there is only one window.

There are two main options to choose from to accommodate two distinct scenarios:

Release: UNetbootin takes care of everything and offers you a list of free and open-source operating system releases, as well as their various versions. UNetbootin will download and install the option you choose.

We’ve already presented the impressive line-up of possibilities from the open-source world available to you. However, it’s possible the Unix/Linux release you’re after isn’t present in the list.

As such, you’ll have to adopt the alternative solution of downloading the ISO image of the release version yourself and proceed to the following method:

Disk Image: Simply indicate where the ISO image file of your system to be booted via USB is located. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually very straightforward:

In this example, the user wants to create a version called ubuntu-10.10-desktop.386.iso bootable. It is to be installed on a USB storage medium (key or hard disk) which is the D:\ drive.

The user then only needs to have the ISO image of the operating system they wish to use (by downloading it from the appropriate site) and then enter the path of the file in UNetbootin. Once that’s done, simply click on OK and that’s it.

UNetbootin will take care of everything else and let you know when it’s done.

With Mac, the process is much the same, but no matter whether you’re working with Windows, MacOS or Linux, things differ very little, remaining simple and efficient across the board.

Here is a brief 2-minute presentation of UNetbootin in English, including all the steps we’ve outlined so far in regards to the software:

Video explaining the operation of UNetbootin

If you pay close attention to this video, you’ll note that the user makes the second choice and therefore installs an operating system from an ISO image. The name of this ISO file is “ophcrack-vista-livecd-3.6.0.iso”.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this refers to a cracked version of Windows Vista and yet, it doesn’t. Ophcrack is an open-source bootable system for cracking/decrypting Windows Vista passwords.

As always, this can of course be used for benevolent purposes, such as when someone loses their password and it would be foolish to reinstall the system completely at a cost of losing all data.

On the other hand, there are the so-called crackers who have more malevolent intentions. However, the more malicious ones are usually the least resourceful when it comes to finding information to help further their aims and successfully implementing it.

Let’s take another moment to put things into perspective. UNetbootin has, from the very beginning, been designed as a way to run Linux Live-CDs on USB drives. It is this chief application that is the suggested for use, rather than you having to choose an ISO file.

UNetbootin is a real joy for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and try an open-source operating system that isn’t offered by Microsoft or Apple. Neither of these offer much in the way of freeware, even if you believe the persistent rumours that the MS-DOS code will soon be made open-source.

UNetbootin allows for the easy installation of many popular Linux release versions and allows you to experience some truly robust operating systems. These systems are far less ly to crash and are incredibly secure when compared to the s of MacOS X.

Where to find Windows ISO for UNetbootin?

In the video example taken from SourceForge (the official site that centralises open-source projects) you might have thought the Vista version was in fact a cracked Windows release. However, there currently exists no such versions for Windows or any commercial operating system.

Pointing you in the direction of where to find possible cracked versions is not just illegal, but could also severely compromise the security of your operating system. You simply can’t count on a potential Windows 10 ISO being completely reliable and secure.

Remember, it requires a crack in the Windows system for it to auto-activate its license. In addition to doing this, a hacker can also do other things to the code of your operating system.

Many have (illegally) enjoyed reworked versions of Windows XP LSD or Seven Titan that promise to rid superfluous elements that Microsoft tends to add to its systems.

Thus, if an official version of Windows XP could make an old machine at the end of its life plod along, an illegal version of Windows LSD (since it is unofficial and created by hackers) could give an older PC a new lease of life.

Hackers have good intentions in the vast majority of cases, but there is without doubt a darker side to it all. If you can remove superfluous elements in an original version of Windows, you can also include more malicious content that could potentially be used to spy on everything somebody does on their computer.

Generally speaking, any Windows 10 (and earlier versions) ISO file that can be found on the net cannot be seen as 100% reliable in terms of security.

Finding the latest Windows 10 ISO file, for example, is a real obstacle course. If the hunt alone doesn’t deter you, you’ll no doubt be put off by the multitude of scam sites out there that will deal some serious malware your way in a worst case scenario.

The easiest alternative is to simply utilise an internet connection, buy your license online and download everything you need to install a legal and reliable version of Windows onto your machine.

This way, there are no security concerns to worry about. However, if you are concerned about security, why not simply switch to free and perfectly secure systems Linux?

One thing many Mac users are often most proud of is that their systems are less susceptible to attacks than Windows systems. However, Linux offers an impenetrable alternative altogether.

How to create a bootable USB drive using Linux

If you aren’t familiar with Linux, we encourage you to try it. For those who are familiar, below is the method for installing Linux with UNetbootin (with Ubuntu):

1. Open your terminal (applications > accessories > terminal)2. Type wget unetbootin.sourceforge.net/unetbootin-linux-latest3. Type chmod +x ./unetbootin-linux-*4. Type sudo apt-get install p7zip-full

5. Type sudo. /unetbootin-linux-*

Источник: https://unetbootin.org/


Unetbootin для ubuntu

Утилита UNetbootin (Universal NETBOOT INstaller) представляет собой мультиплатформенную программу (с поддержкой операционных систем Windows, Linux, MacOS).

UNetbootin на русском языке для Windows служит для запуска Linux/BSD дистрибутивов и установки их на жесткий диск или съемный накопитель.

Программа способна копировать и преобразовывать информацию с операционными системами на ISO-образах и CD/DVD дисках и создавать с их помощью загрузочные Live-USB.

Бесплатно скачать UNetbootin по прямой ссылке:

Возможности UNetbootin

Русская версия программы UNetbootin распространяется по freeware-системе c условиями лицензии GNU GPLv2. Пользователи могут бесплатно скачать и установить лицензионную копию по указанной выше ссылке.

Файл-загрузчик доступен:

  • для Windows XP;
  • для Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Размер утилиты занимает 5 МБ. Загрузка поддерживаемого дистрибутива происходит в окне программы. При желании утилита открывает другие «.iso»-файлы системы Linux.

Последние версии программы UNetbootin производят запуск на Windows без предварительной инсталляции в систему. Для работы с утилитой потребуются права администратора.

После запуска исполняющего файла в рабочем окне программы появится командная строка со списком возможных дистрибутивов Linux/BSD, которые доступны для установки на мультизагрузочную флешку.

Выбор нужного компонента автоматически переадресует пользователей на официальный сайт разработчика системной утилиты.

Там можно подробно ознакомиться с описанием и сделать запрос о дальнейшем копировании на USB-флешку.

урок: как создать агрузочную флешку с помощью UNetbootin

Помимо создания загрузочной флешки, UNetbootin поддерживает несколько десятков дистрибутивов и способен загрузить и создать образ следующих системных утилит:

  • Parted Magic – для работы с разделами (редактирование, поиск и устранение системных ошибок, back-up разделов);
  • Super Grub Disk – специальная загрузочная утилита, устраняющая выявленные ошибки и способная изменять загрузочные GRUB-записи для многих операционных систем;
  • BackTrack – терминал, работающий на Ubuntu и служащий для тестирования и сбора статистики работы сетей;
  • Smart Boot Manager – использование для старых версий BIOS (в случае если не выполняется запуск биос с Floppy-диска или CD-ROM);
  • Ophcrack – дистрибутив для восстановления паролей в Windows.

Репозиторий включает свыше 40 популярных дистрибутивов и регулярно обновляется новыми системными утилитами.

Особенностью UNetbootin от аналогичных утилит по созданию загрузочных флешек является возможность копирования и одновременного использования на съемном носителе нескольких операционных систем. С ее помощью легко создать мультизагрузочную USB-флешку и использовать по ситуации необходимые ОС.

Запись образа на флешку UNetbootin выполняет с помощью недеструктивной инсталляции. В этом случае нет необходимости форматировать съемный носитель, что позволяет оставлять на нем важную информацию.

Помимо стандартной записи на компактный носитель существует возможность установки дистрибутивов на жесткий диск самого компьютера. Процесс происходит через Сеть, при этом принцип схож с работой системной утилиты win 32-loader.

Функционал UNetbootin

Компактная и удобная программа заслужила положительные отзывы среди программистов и тестеров, занимающихся разработкой всевозможных приложений и тестирующих их работоспособность на трех операционных системах. особенность утилиты – хранить по нескольку образов ОС на одной флешке, что экономит время и уменьшает количество лишних манипуляций до минимума.


  • мультиплатформенность – работа на Windows, Linux и MacOS;
  • бесплатное распространение;
  • многоязычный интерфейс с выбором русской версии;
  • поддержка 40 Linux/BSD дистрибутивов;
  • автоматическое определение подсоединяемых съемных устройств;
  • инсталляция операционных систем на USB-флешку или жесткий диск;
  • регулярные обновления с официальной страницы разработчиков;
  • использование ISO-образов;
  • portable-запуск программы без установки;
  • при загруженных Windows и Linux запуск любой ОС на выбор.

Программа UNetbootin отлично справляется со своими прямыми обязанностями. В ней отсутствуют лишние элементы, при этом она превращает работу с дистрибутивами в максимально простой и быстрый процесс. UNetbootin незаменим при работе с приложениями и программным софтом на базе Linux.

Источник: https://UNetbootins.ru/

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