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  • Слайд 1 Performed: ErmekMadinaTur -13s/k
  • Слайд 2 System software – a set of programs that provide management of a computer system, such as processor, memory, input-output devices, networking equipment, acting as an “inter-interface”, on the one hand that the equipment and on the other – user applications. In contrast to the application software, the system does not solve specific practical problems, but only provides the work of other programs, giving them the service functions, the details are abstracted hardware and firmware implementation of a computer system manages the hardware resources of a computer system.
  • Слайд 3 System programming – creation of the system software. System Programmer – programmer, specializing in system programming. The assignment of a software system to conditional and depends on the conventions used in a particular context. As a rule, system software are operating systems [⇨], tool [⇨], the programming system [⇨], database management systems [⇨], a wide class of middleware software.
  • Слайд 4 Operating System – a complex system programs, expanding the capabilities of a computer system, as well as providing its resources, and executes application programs interact with users. In most computer systems are the main operating systems, the most important (and sometimes the only) part of the system software.
  • Слайд 5 Basic functions (simple operating systems): Download applications into memory and executed.Standardized access to peripheral devices (IO devices).RAM management (distribution between processes, virtual memory).Controlling access to data on non-volatile media (such as hard disk, CD-ROM, and so on. D.), Organized in a particular file system.User interface.Network operations, support the protocol stack.
  • Слайд 6
  • Слайд 7 There are two groups of definitions of operating systems, “a set of programs that control the equipment” and “set of programs that control other programs.” Both of them have their precise technical meaning, which, however, becomes clear only on closer consideration of the question of why do we need the operating system.There computing applications, for which the operating system are redundant. For example, embedded microcomputers found today in many household appliances, cars (sometimes a dozen in each one), cell phones, and so on. N. Often, a computer continuously performs only one program to run at startup. And simple game consoles – and which are specialized microcomputers – can dispense with the operating system, starting when the program recorded on the device is inserted into the “cartridge” or CD. Nevertheless, some microcomputers and game consoles is still running its own specific operating systems. In most cases, it is UNIX- systems (the latter is particularly true of programmable switching equipment: firewalls, routers).
  • Слайд 8 The predecessor operating systems should be considered as utilities (loaders and monitors), as well as a library of frequently used routines, began to develop with the advent of mainframe 1st generation (late 1940s). Utilities minimize the physical manipulation of the operator with the equipment, and allow the library to avoid repeated programming of the same actions (of the input-output operations, calculation of mathematical functions, and so on. N.).In 1950-1960-ies were formed and implemented the basic ideas that define the functionality of the operating system: batch mode, time-sharing and multitasking, the separation of powers, real-time file structure of file systems.
  • Слайд 9 Embedded Software. Built-in software or firmware – the program is, “sewn” in digital electronic devices. In some cases (e.g., BIOS IBM-PC compatible computers) are in fact part of the operating system stored in the permanent memory. The relatively simple devices, all operating system can be built. Many devices of modern computers have their own “firmware” that manage those devices and make it easier to interact with them.
  • Слайд 10
  • Слайд 11 Utilities – a program designed for a narrow range of support tasks. Sometimes referred to as utility class service software.Utilities used to monitor the performance of sensors and equipment performance (eg, CPU temperature monitoring or video), control equipment parameters (limit maximum speed CD-drive, change the fan speed), the control parameters (check referential integrity, correctness of data recording), expansion features (formatting or disc re-retentive, deletion can not be restored).
  • Слайд 12 This category includes system programs for software development:assemblers – computer programs, carry out the conversion program in the form of source code in assembly language into machine instructions in object code;translators – software or hardware is required to translate the program;compilers – software that translates text of the program in high-level language into an equivalent program in machine language.interpreters – Programs (sometimes hardware), analyzing the team or the operators of the program and then perform them;linkers (linkers) – programs that produce layout – take the input of one or more object modules and assemble them executable;preprocessor source – a computer program, receiving input data, and outputs the data to the input of another program, for example, such as the compiler;debuggers (English debugger.) – medium modules or individual development programs designed to find errors in programs;Word processing – computer programs designed to create and edit text files and view them on the screen, print, search for text fragments, etc .;.specialized editors source – text editors to create and edit the source code of programs. Specialized editor source may be a standalone application or be incorporated into an integrated development environment;subroutine libraries – collections of objects or routines that are used for software development;Editors GUI.
  • Слайд 13

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Презентация на тему: Программное обеспечение ПК

Software презентация
Описание слайда:

Программное обеспечение ПК

Описание слайда:

ОпределениеПрограммное обеспечение ПК – совокупность программ системы обработки информации и программных документов, необходимых для эксплуатации этих программ В компьютерном сленге часто используется слово софт (от англ. software), которое в этом смысле впервые применил в статье в American Mathematical Monthly математик из Принстонского университета Джон Тьюки (англ. John W. Tukey) в 1958 году.

Описание слайда:

Системное ПОСистемные программы необходимы для обеспечения нормальной работы компьютера, его обслуживания и настройки.К ним относятся следующие программы:Операционные системы (MS DOC, Windows, MacOS, OS/2, LINUX и др.

);Операционные оболочки (Norton Commander, Volkov Commander, Windows Commander, Disco Commandeer, FAR-менеджер и др.);Драйвера для различных устройств компьютера (от английского слова «drive» – управлять), т.е.

программы, управляющие работой устройств: драйвера для сканера, принтера и т.д.

Описание слайда:

Служебное ПОутилиты (от английского слова «utilize» – использовать) — программы для оптимизации работы персонального компьютера (Norton Utilities);программы обслуживания дисков (тесты для проверки оборудования и аппаратных ресурсов);архиваторы (ARJ, WinZIP, WinRAR, Ark);антивирусные программы (Dr Web, Антивирус Касперского, Norton Antivirus и др.)

Описание слайда:

Прикладное ПОК прикладным относятся готовые программы для пользователей, предназначенные для решения задач в различных сферах деятельности человека (бухгалтерские программы, текстовые и графические редакторы, базы данных, экспертные системы, переводчики, энциклопедии, обучающие, тестовые и игровые программы и т.д.).

Описание слайда:

Примеры прикладных программпрограммы обработки графики, анимационные редакторы (Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Macromedia Flash, GIF Construction Set, 3D Studio MAX)текстовые редакторы (Блокнот, Word Pad, Lexicon, Microsoft Word)системы управления базами данных (Microsoft Access, dBase, FoxPro, Clipper, Paradox);табличные процессоры (SuperCalc, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3);средства презентационной графики (Microsoft Power Point, Charisma, Freelance Graphics, Harvard Graphics);интегрированные пакеты (Microsoft Office, );обработки видео (Windows Media Player, MPEG4, Movie Maker, Adobe Premier, Quick Player);обработки звука (Sound Forge, Cool Edit, WinAmp);

Описание слайда:

Примеры прикладных программПрограммы автоматизированного проектирования (CAD, Auto Cad);Офисные программы:планировщики;программы-переводчики;коммуникационное программное обеспечение:браузеры — Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Lynx, Opera; программы для работы с электронной почтой — Microsoft Outlook Express, Pine, Eudora;программы для работы с телеконференцией (NetMeeting);службы ICQ — для общения в реальном времени в сети Интернет;Настольные издательские системы (Page Maker);Системы искусственного интеллекта (Пролог, ЛИПС);Разработчики Web-приложений (Macromedia Dreamweaver, Coffee Cap, Front Page)Программы специального назначения: финансовые и бухгалтерские (1С) программы; программы для математических расчетов и др.Обучающие программы (различные клавиатурные тренажеры и др.)Энциклопедии, справочники;Игры.

Описание слайда:Инструментальное ПОК инструментальным программам относятся системы программирования, профессиональные компиляторы, т.е инструментальные средства для создания новых программ (Basic, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, C, Fortran, Ada и др.). Компилятор осуществляет преобразование программ с языков высокого уровня в машинный код.
Описание слайда:

Языки программирования

Описание слайда:

Лицензионное программное обеспечениеЭто программы и данные, которые были приобретены и используются согласно прилагающемуся к нему лицензионному соглашениюВ лицензии указывается следующие действия:ИспользованиеКопированиеПродажа третьему лицуОтладка и анализ алгоритмаИзменение

Описание слайда:

Proprietary softwareПроприетарное программное обеспечение proprietary software) — программное обеспечение, являющееся частной собственностью. Правообладатель сохраняет за собой монополию на его использование, копирование и модификацию, полностью или в существенных моментах.

Описание слайда:

Public Domain SoftwareБесплатное программное обеспечение, которое свободно распространяется,  копируется и используется.«народное»

Описание слайда:

SharewareУсловно-бесплатное программное обеспечение. Регистрация его у изготовителя  производится только тогда, когда пользователь убедился в том, что оно полностью  удовлетворяет его потребностям.Демоверсия бесплатно с ограничениями: отсутствуют важные функции или ограничен срок использования

Описание слайда:

Freeware Freeware (от англ. Free — «бесплатный») — это программное обеспечение, лицензионное соглашение которого не требует каких-либо выплат правообладателю. Freeware обычно распространяется без исходных кодов и является проприетарным ПО.Коммерческое использование запрещено

Описание слайда:

Сommercial softwareКоммерческое программное обеспечение (англ. commercial software) — программное обеспечение, созданное коммерческой организацией с целью получения прибыли от его использования другими, например, путем продажи экземпляров.

Описание слайда:

General Public License (GPL)Универсальная общедоступная лицензия Цель GNU GPL — предоставить пользователю права копировать, изменять и распространять программы, а также гарантировать, что и пользователи всех производных программ получат вышеперечисленные права. Linux



Software презентация

Описание презентации по отдельным слайдам:

1 слайдОписание слайда:

Software The software is a set of programs allowing automated information processing on the computer. The software is divided into system (General) and application (Special).

2 слайдОписание слайда:

System software operates service the computer, as well as the automation of the process of creating new programs. The system software includes operating systems and user interface; software tools; system maintenance.

3 слайдОписание слайда:

Application software is a set of programs designed to address specific tasks in a specific professional field. They are divided into specific and universal.Specific PC software designed to address specific user tasks and therefore has a very limited scope.

4 слайдОписание слайда:

The main types of universal software, which allows different types of information are: text editors; image editor; spreadsheets; training and game programs; information systems; etc.

5 слайдОписание слайда:

Text editors are programs that are designed to create and manipulate textual information. The most common text editors are editors: Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Multi Edit, WordStar, ChiWriter and others.Image editors are a program for creating and processing of graphic information.

They are indispensable when presenting the results of a calculation in a graphic form that occurs in practice quite often. In addition, image editors allow you to create a wide range of different images: charts, drafts, drawings, etc.

The user can create any complex graphic images, using different types of lines, shapes, contours and a different color scheme and background picture. Such opportunities have known packages PaintBrush, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
6 слайдОписание слайда:

Spreadsheet system allows you to create and manage tabular information. They are convenient when processing the results of a calculation, which is presented in tabular form and require repeated calculations.Gaming software is a form of exciting classes on personal computers. With game programs and started a massive dissemination of personal computers.

Teaching programs are used for training sessions. These programs can be used at school and at home for lessons in logic, history, computer studies, Russian language, biology, geography, mathematics, physics and other academic disciplines.

The computers in these lessons can be used as electronic textbooks and training equipment, laboratory stands and referral systems.

7 слайдОписание слайда:

Business programs are designed for the preparation, storage and handling of various types of service information. These programs can be used for computerization, documentation, training schedules, scheduling of watches, etc.

Information systems are used for organization, storage and COMPUTER search a variety of information.

These include databases, library information retrieval systems, sale and registration of tickets at theatres, railway and air ticket, etc.

8 слайдОписание слайда:

A special group among the application programs are software development tools. Tools are software programs and software that programmers use to create programs and automated systems.

On personal computers, the most widely used programming languages are: BASIC, PASCAL, С and ASSEMBLER, which entails developing a universal programming systems. Each of them is useful for solving a particular class of tasks.

In addition, the various types of COMPUTING preference will be given to specific programming languages.

9 слайд 10 слайд 11 слайд 12 слайд 13 слайд 14 слайдОписание слайда:

Every OS consists at least of three obligatory parts:The first is the kernel, the command interpreter, “translator” from program language on “iron”, language of machine codes.

The second — specialized programs for management of the various devices which are a part of the computer. Such programs are called as drivers — i.e. “drivers”, managing directors.

The third part — a convenient cover with which the user communicates — the interface.

15 слайдОписание слайда:

A toolbar is a collection of the most frequently used menu commands provided by the buttons with symbols icons these commands.

16 слайдОписание слайда:

The icon is a small graphic image with a short inscription, which is on the screen a certain program, a window function, file, etc.A shortcut is a command file, which enables you to access any object.The folder – storage of files.

17 слайдОписание слайда:

Clipboard – the memory area, is intended for an exchange of text and graphic information between documents and appendices. It is an intermediate storage area for temporal storage of information. The file represents the set of uniform information which has been written down on a magnetic disk with a certain name.The button Start being on a taskbar, causes a main menu

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